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The Executive

The Canadian Fellowship of Catholic Sholars executives are:

President: Professor Robert N. Berard, Director of Teacher Education, Mount St. Vincent University, Adjunct Professor, Dalhousie University

Treasurer: Dr. Patrick Redmond

Members of the executive:

Ms. Teresa Bobrow, Phil.M.

Professor Paul Flaman, Professor of Christian Theology, St. Joseph's College, University of Alberta

Rev. Dr. Robert Pelton, S.T.L.

Dr. Christine Schintgen, Chair in Literature, Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy

Dr. John Liptay, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, St. Thomas More College

Who Are We

St-thomas-aquinasThe members of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars wholeheartedly support the renewal of the Catholic Church undertaken by Pope John XXIII, shaped by Vatican II, and carried on by subsequent pontiffs. We accept the teachings of the Catholic Church and believe that contemporary questions must be considered with courage and dealt with in honesty. We strive to assist everyone to personal assent to the mystery of Christ as made manifest in the lived faith of the Church.

  • The Fellowship of Catholic Scholars is an association of Catholic scholars in various disciplines who see their intellectual work as a service they owe to God.
  • It was founded primarily to give the corporate witness of scholars to the truth of the Catholic faith.
  • Aware of the duty that Christian scholars have to serve the whole community of faith, the members of the Fellowship wish to give assistance to the Church. The resources presented through this website are one form of such service.

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