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May 22, 2009


During recent years a modern breed of academic Atheists, distinguished from their earlier more scholarly colleagues, by their ignorance, arrogance, and loud, mocking attacks on all Religions other than their own, have achieved great, undeserved publicity in the Universities, Media, Bookstores, and Libraries. This seems to indicate, that they now indirectly admit, that Atheism is now on very shaky ground; thanks to the findings of modern Sciences, that they depend upon so much, to apparently justify their shallow, absurd, uninspiring, humanly-degrading, temporally and eternally disastrous beliefs.

The major characters involved in this campaign, aimed primarily at Christianity, especially Catholicism, are Professors David Dawkins, Sam Harris, David Dennett, and Journalist Christopher Hitchins. The Academics betray their own noble Profession, by refusing to delve below the surface of Reality, usually as the Physics of matter, the original, lowest, and least rich in content, of the hierarchical natural sciences, that have been sequentially published by God, over a long time, as His secular revelations.  This has to be, and is, a reflection, an echo, of His Supernatural Revelation, during the small sector of Time, during which humans have been on Earth.

All of Creation is God’s Ideas serially, logically published as their Consequences, digitally, over a long time. Just as for an image from a projector towards a screen, the content remains the same, wherever one intercepts this on the horizontal time axis; only the degree of focus changes.  The pre-Mosaic period, was the time of human inability to comprehend deep concepts; and now I believe we are passing through the focal point of human History; when for the  first time, even physical phenomena are so brilliantly being reproduced by humans, using God’s Digital method.  I think we must now urgently understand the facts, the Truth, about all of life’s ultimate issues; as we are going beyond the focal point, for the first and last time, when we will have a valid excuse before God, for not having understood His

expectations of us, as His beloved children and staff, put briefly under the Foster-Care of each other.

The natural world, right up to our bodies, runs deterministically on pre-programmed automation.  And then our Divine part, our endowed personal manager, our soul, governs our voluntary performances, when we are awake and cognitive; with accountability to each other, and to God, for all our knowing, willing decisions.

The sciences are only tools, for studying natural phenomena, and necessarily dependent upon a supernatural source, God.  They are all derived from prior Mathematics, that represents the intrinsic nature of God, as Infinite One!.

It is a sign of how degraded most modern secular Universities have become, that they appoint and honour many academics, who have disqualified themselves long ago, on  grounds of incompetence, and dishonesty, in the face of the facts, the Truth, that today is very obvious, in the essential issues of wisdom, in human living. Yet they all claim to be seeking the Truth!; while acting in dreaded fear and deliberate avoidance of it, beyond technical matters, because of its spiritual / moral implications, that will never be popular. And this occurs, because the prevailing humanistic Liberalism / Relativism, is based on the denial of the existence of Truth, and of possible human access to it.  This has lead to the replacement of facts, the only realities, by endless, usually absurd, and often pernicious human opinions, such as of atheists, who make fools of themselves by confirming the existence of God, every time they betray a thought from their spiritual soul; or use mathematics, a purely transcendental science, in their work, as scientists must.

A major part of modern “bloated” Universities, rests upon this practice, at huge costs to students, taxpayers, and the well-being of persons, families and nations.   Most students today, come out of Universities, more confused in mind, more immoral, more cynical and depressed in outlook, than when they entered them.

Christopher Hitchins finds the problems of pain and evil in human affairs, too much, for him to believe in the existence of a loving, benevolent God. These issues remain an insoluble tragedy, to those who do not understand, that they can only be rightly explained, and bravely borne, by humans accepting their personal roles, in sharing in the redemptive Cross and Resurrection of the God-Man Jesus Christ, the Saviour of mankind. Without difficulties in life, to challenge us to do better with our talents, we would never grow in character, as persons.  We can see this, even when all potential Olympian athletes must exert themselves to almost their limits, to fall down exhausted in pain, before they can be ready, for their final training and performance.  To enter Heaven eventually, we must all emulate Jesus, in bravely carrying our demanding responsibilities, nobly.

The Atheists “ do protest too much !”; while afraid to delve deeply into the issues involved.  They try hard to turn Physics into Metaphysics, its source, an absurd inversion of right order, in the Spectrum of Knowledge; which runs from the solely material and temporal, up to the purely spiritual and eternal. They just dismiss sound Theology and rational Philosophy, as being unworthy of serious attention, by supposedly ”bright” people, like themselves!.  Their attitudes preclude polite, earnest dialogue with those they attack so vehemently.  And their closed, narrow, loud, defensive outlooks, convict them more as bigots, than intellectuals; and make it very difficult for us, to try to induce them, to look a little more deeply, into the grave, ultimate matters in human life, that they foolishly and inexcusably treat so superficially. They dwell heavily on what they call “Logic” and “Reason”, without being able to explain their nature or origin, only possible from God.

A little logical examination of the scientific facts of Creation, soon highlights the absurdities of Atheism; and then as a consequence, of its inevitable, massive, evil effects in Human History, when dialed into a Universe governed by intrinsic, rational, good Order.  It is a huge Drama, in a beautiful background, like a Stage in a Park, where humans are called on cue, to each play their small, unique roles, under Instruction, then Adjudication, in the Opera series that we call Human History.


All that naturally positively exists, is digitized Ideas, each with required, unique Bar-Codes.   Negatives are only the absence of due positives; like a “pothole” in the street, is due to the lack of good, firm filling. Without these, nothing could be accurately described, measured, identified, compared, managed or held accountable, like all modern stores must do with their many items.  These have been published, alone, and in sequential necessary Passworded strings ( like for an ATM), first as Time, then as Energy, then as Matter, then all the myriad forms of matter, with energy, up to that in our bodies, as Human Biology. Humans must mimic this process, when tangibly publishing any of their decisions, through their bodies in Nature.  And the relations between every factor in Nature, are immutably governed by the binding Natural Laws, that must have been imprinted, all based on mathematical / energy relationships, before they could be used, to sustain the countless, incredibly, fine-tuned systems, as Software, that sustain dynamic, wholistic Nature, individually, to locally to globally.  Automated deterministic Nature is a huge, long-playing DVD-TV, without a single exact “Repeat”, but with many similarities between individuals, groups, processes, and phenomena.   And the concurrence between the inherent intelligibility of Nature, that many famous scientists have noted, and the power of the human intelligence to deeply understand, and apply such knowledge in daily practice, is obviously no accident.

The natural Evolutionary process, occurs only in Biology; and covers developments, without being able to explain the origin of any fundamental issue, such as time, energy, matter, DNA, or life. These are matters, not for the natural sciences; but for sound philosophy and theology.

The religion of Evolutionism tries to explain such factors, and the count less symmetries in Nature, as the alleged result of many tiny, incremental, random changes, over a vast time period; when the probabilities of such a merely material process, must be effectively zero.   No being can ever publish more than its intrinsic limits.  All major changes in the Quality  of material beings ( e.g. raising them to life, turning plants into animals, and animals possibly into humans, must have required specific Software Upgradings by God.  The basic operating systems and laws of Creation in Physical Chemistry, remain today, as they were originally.  And processes cannot design themselves, their component factors, their kinetics, their goals, their software, their energy sources, their products, or the roles of these in many other processes, such as in Biology.  Every Bio-Chemical Engineer knows this, only too well!.

Matter is a slave of ideas from a Programmer; and hence it cannot generate ideas; but can only store them in code, and then replay them on a personal command.  All modern A/V systems and Robotics work, confirm this.  “Machine Intelligence” is a misnomer; it only means the expression of the spiritual Intelligence from God or humans, that has been previously programmed into matter. Computers may calculate numbers faster and greater than people at their keyboards; but are simple physical actions,  compared to the biophysical processes that instantly happen, when the operator acts to publish an idea, or decision, in body, or beyond.  What happens when we speak, or decide to punch an opponent in a Boxing ring, clearly shows this complex sequence, by fast, living electronic means.

Hence, the only logical philosophy for an Atheist, is Materialism. Their modern source of this faith, has largely been, from an absurd, desperately desired misunderstanding of the Natural Selection processes, confirmed by Charles Darwin, that have operated only throughout Biochemistry-Biology, during the last stages of material Creation.  These could only have begun in the last quarter of Creation, after DNA had been synthesized, put into a created living cell, programmed and powered-up. Only God could have done these deeds, that still remain far beyond human combined co-creative powers. Humans can only manipulate DNA,s, from living  material beings, within a wide range of potential compatibilities. The current urgent program at the National Biological Protection Laboratory in Winnipeg, to develop a vaccine for the M1N1 Virus, is a good example of our manipulative powers over the DNA, that we cannot make from inert chemical groupings in it.

And accepting Materialism logically requires that humans must never try to publish an immaterial idea, of any kind!.   As soon as they do, they destroy their binding premise of Materialism!. Hence, if logical, a materialist, like the current loud atheists, should just remain silent; or be content to regard their words as no more than the “grunts / barkings” of animals, or “tweets” of song birds.

Humans have been each endowed with a unique sharing in God’s transcendental nature, powers, and prerogatives, as our spiritual soul, to managerially equip us well, for our unique assignments in life. Our parental lines decide our bodily uniqueness; and God completes each of us as unique persons, by consecrating our unique soul, into the embryo that He selects, after decoding its lifetime possibilities. He makes the best fit available at any instant, just before when He wants us to become ready, to help Him manage well, the magnificent Drama of Creation.  Each human assignment and matching nature, faculties, opportunities, and other endowments, is matched with our special role, and timing on stage, when called on stage, in the Opera of Creation.

As semi-Divine beings, with powers to think, understand, and freely decide, when cognitive and awake, we alone, as the only hybrid between the extremes of natures, between the material and the spiritual, must be the only noble appointed Stewards of temporal Creation, with moral accountability for our individual performances while on brief duty.  And these must be instantly recorded digitally, like modern X-Ray patterns, so that God will have an up-to-date Transcript, when we must instantly face Him in Judgement, for a split-second, at our bodily death.

Each unique chemical element or compound in Nature, must have arisen from a pre-conceived, digitized idea about it, using the inverse of the Einstein Equation, as M (matter) = E(Energy) / “c’ ( the speed of light) squared.  The elements belong in similar family-groupings, like sodium, potassium, lithium and caesium do,  as realized by the Russian scientist Mendeleef; with their non-living isotopes, being related somewhat like identical living twins in much later Biology.  No matter where one looks, throughout the orders of Creation, from physics to biology, one will find the same ideas being consistently published by God. I have written a lot about this, with common examples, in the book “Parables of Creation” that I am trying to finish soon.


Mathematics is a purely transcendental, personal, mental science, of the Relations of Quantity, that binds all aspects of Creation. It is a reflection of God’s nature ( Bar-Code of Digital One!) and powers.  It was required, before even time, energy, or matter, could have come into physical existence. It is necessarily of personal origin; namely from God.  It is all digital in expression, based on constants, such as the digits from 1 onwards, representing quantity and specificity. These are derived in mimicry from the Eternal Perfect Mathematician , God, with a Bar-Code of Infinite One.  No author can briefly publish all they know. And so all His natural publications of ideas, as works, must be less than perfect, as finite beings and actions, in mathematical terms.

Only the young Jewish woman, Immaculate Mary, has been created as a perfect human, in body and soul; because she was destined to be asked if she would let God directly conceive her; to thus become the Mother of Jesus, the Perfect God-Man., the Creator in human form. She happily agreed, and so made possible the completion of God’s sequential Plan, of revealing His knowledge, powers and personhood ever more fully, per the Sequence of the Sciences, over time, which completed His full appearance in Human History, about 2000 years ago, on the First Christmas Holy Night, in Bethlehem.  No more Perfect being could exist thenceforth (100% in Maths is synonymous with Perfection in Theology!) ; and so a major peak was passed, in human and bodily developments.  Biology had reached its intended Final goal, in God’s Plan.  But some modern humans are now determined to go beyond what was intended, as they try to manipulate the genetics of human and animal / plant  bodies, by intermingling their DNA,s., to possibly make chimeras,  ( e,g “Superhumans”, for Military purposes).  These involve very grave Moral and social issues, with many evil possibilities to come, in a highly secularized scientific / political world. Aldous Huxley’s fantasy “Brave New World” s now here, in many ways; with little chance that it will be reversible, in foreseeable History.

And since the Digital Age signals the peak of possible human techniques in History ( it cannot be improved upon; but only applied more widely and competently, with miniaturization of the equipment; as in modern cell-phones), when we are fully and widely expressing God’s exact method, through our Technologies, we can assume that the Producer of the long-performing Human Opera series, may now be shutting it down.   God has been paying all its Bills, for many thousands of years, with little good Return on the Investment.  For over 6000 years, His lecture series has been poorly attended by mostly distracted, inattentive, lazy, mutinous human students, who have paid little attention, to the words, the deeds, the “class-handouts”, reference lists etc , of Professor God.

I see no reason for Him to ever Repeat His Course, now that the last stage, the Practicum, for the first and probably last time, as the Digital Age, has become possible, with scientists, like myself, being available, as His Lab Assistants.  And there are many apocalyptic signs ( e.g. in the many global weather / disastrous  shocks recently), that God seems to be destabilizing the  natural structures of the Stage, where the human short span of time, like a Final Exam for a student, has been played out, in the long lifespan of material Creation.  And the modern widespread, deliberate refusal to think deeply and honestly, impressed by huge, powerful, evil academic , Governmental, and commercial interests globally, when great amounts of essential facts have become available to almost every human, by advanced means, has greatly inhibited true study and enlightenment, on these crucial matters in all human lives.  Grand means such as per the Internet and A/V systems, and our magnificent series of scholarly,  compassionate, saintly Papacies, has largely destroyed our favourite alibi, that of invincible ignorance.  Culpable knowledge, has often replaced it; with grim consequences at bodily death, for those who persist in choosing this popular option.

The massive, planned, sequential de-education of most students, over several recent generations, in spiritual / moral / disciplinary / historical matters, from the Universities, backed by their graduates ruling States, has largely destroyed true scholarship in these vital areas, just when it has become most needed for human guidance, and most possible!. And now “political correctness” has deadened intellectual converse, when brutally enforced on the freedoms of those who dare to offer legitimate comparisons of contending ideas that must be discussed, in searching for the Truth about anything.  The “Thought Police” of the Human Rights Commisssions, that do not know what Human Rights truly are, or where they necessarily come from, remain in power, as petty tyrants, that mock their true mandate, to respect, not restrict, genuine Human Rights, and licit Law.

By taking on our humanity, Jesus made it possible for us to absorb a lot of His Divinity. And by dying on the Cross when mature, and rising from the grave, He redeemed us; and raised our destiny, from the merely natural and mortal, to the supernatural, for eternity.  Death was thus conquered; and so we now can live in joyful hope, of a happy Eternity, in the company of God and all His fine friends.

And God’s unique Individuality, has been fitted within Constancy, like a train on its tracks, as Variables, under pre-set Statistical programming, for each type of phenomena. Each variable factor has been allowed to move within certain ranges, around means, without harm. The Driving Code for humans on a Highway, shows this well. Such pre-installed,  computerized Operating systems automatically govern all Natural events; and humans have been given the privilege to freely “dub-in” their knowing, voluntary decisions into some of these, within licit limits, as the moral law, with accountability, to each other, and finally to God.

The units of quantity, expressed as numerals, must be, and are reliable, in Nature, like God. And they can be used to express huge, very complex, rational relationships, up to what humans imagine to be infinite in size, kind, power, and number. These properties can only be a reflection of the Omniscience and Omnipotence of God, their source.  And the countless, incredibly complex, harmonious phenomena obvious everywhere in Nature, and in transcendental matters, amply confirm these intrinsic attributes of God. Matter is a product of transcendency, never a source of it.

Hence, one no longer has to even resort to religious arguments, to be certain of the Existence, Nature, Powers, and Prerogatives of God, the Mathematician-Programmer-Lawyer-Scientist-Biochemical Engineer- Artist-Person-Creator!.  A moment’s reflection upon the vastness, complexity, computerization, beauty, dynamism, and age of the tangible physical Universe, should be enough, to convince simple, honest seekers of the Truth, that God must exist and reign over His Creation.   The fact that every living creature, has its own uniquely programmed, self-sterilizing, long-lived DNA-based computer, to govern its unique, nature, integrity and roles, deeply impresses me.  As an amateur  plant-breeder, this is so obvious, and marvellous.  Human computer designers, cannot go beyond mere physics; whereas God covers the whole of natural Creation!.  He thus deserves proportionate credit, admiration and thanks.

For most of human History, such a recognition induced a healthy fear, if not admiration of God, in most humans. Until recent centuries, when some humans became too proud of their explorations of God’s handiwork, per the natural Sciences, such a view convinced most humans of this crucial f act. Then after Charles Darwin, “Chance” was made falsely into a popular “god’, instead of its author, the real one.  But as John Buell pointed out, “ that there is no chance, in Chance!”.   Every dice-game, card-pack or Lottery, confirms this. It is a sad fact, that so many apparently bright people throughout the world, can believe in the obvious nonsense, that Chance could ever do anything, but induce superficial changes in pre-programmed Creation.  Pre-installed, stable operating systems, such as the laws of physical chemistry and genetics, must underpin all controlled Statistical variables; and hence the former cannot be of evolutionary origin.

Even the Natural Selection process in Biology, is part of God’s vast Software, all throughout Creation.  And many Software Upgradings in Nature are obvious, too; such as from the non-living to the living; from the microbes to the plants; from the plants to the animals; and from the mammals to humans in body.  And human bodies have inherited some animal Software ( e.g. the involuntary emotions, such as fear of the  dark, automatic self-defence response mechanisms when at risk of attack, and a tendency to lust ). But we have also been endowed with the Divine voluntary emotions (e.g. moral self-discipline, love or hate, and desire for higher ideas and values in life). The latter are meant to enable us to “tame” our animal instincts, and to override them; like the way a jockey “breaks in” his young steed early, to form a fine, exciting, successful partnership in life.

And every scientist has to rely upon Mathematics, if they are ever to do their work, per exact measurements of superficial variables, and then complex calculations, on the hidden factors and processes involved.  And they also must use their semi-Divine powers of intellectual converse, in order to function daily, and to publish their results and conclusions.  Hence, it is impossible for scientists, to logically sustain a belief in Atheism.

And ample solid, scientific evidence exists on true Miracles, of God directly over-riding His lower natural Laws by higher Supernatural ones; for instance, at the Medical Institute at Lourdes France, with full documentation, often by atheist Physicians; at the Shrine at Lanciano, Italy, where the Blessed Eucharist Host, became and remains a piece of identified Heart tissue, since the 9th century; the many incorrupted bodies of Saints, like St Cecilia ( from the 4th century), and Padre Pio (last century). And there are countless cases of supernatural improvements, in the faculties and lives of people, who had been suffering from handicaps, and illnesses, in body and soul.

It is interesting that none of the modern atheist writers seem to be aware of any of these cases, that clearly show that a benevolent God does exist, and rules over Creation, often in ways that seem strange to us; including in their own lives. They would be wise to look into these aspects, in good time, before God calls them to Judgement, usually without warning. It will be too late then, to change their elected direction in life, for the subsequent major part of it.


Now, using ancient religious / philosophical arguments to try to alert modern “de-educated” people, to believe in God, and to act as He expects us to do, as co-creators, as His beloved children and trusted staff, is of little use;  because they have been soaked in Relativism, that reduces all ideas to equal value, at Zero, where every scale must begin, mathematically.  Then it is not surprising that every form of escapism, as Hedonism and Trivial Pursuits, soon follows, to keep people distracted from reflecting deeply about anything really important in life.  The insane pace, limitless distractions, cacophony, and fatigue of modern life, has been designed to almost stop people from thinking effectively.  The restful, peaceful, inspiring conditions for this reflective process, are very hard to find now, in one’s daily routine.  I rely on my presence amongst my gardens, at our lakeside cottage, in beautiful natural, peaceful surroundings, for major opportunities to think straight, and deeply.

Dialogue with agnostics/atheists, has become almost impossible in matters of Faith and Morals. They are confident that they are right, with their shallow, chosen level of  understanding.  Euphemisms blind many to the Truth about great evils like induced Abortions. The equivocation of terms has made direct mutual understanding unlikely.   Descartes limitation of study, to only the small sector of the Knowledge Spectrum, that is detected directly by our senses, and measureable, has lead to the major neglect in recent centuries, of the major, most important, deepest transcendental 99%+ sector of it.  Political Correctness has almost banned the discussion of any important non-scientific topic, even in Universities. Only pure Reason is left as a working tool; and we must treasure and use it well, to point out to our mistaken brothers and sisters, that God MUST Exist; because Mathematics is the backbone of everything in Creation; including  our digitally unique bodies, souls, assignments for credit, personal histories, lifespans, destinies., and technological equipment.   And even the “reason” that atheists claim to rely upon so much, cannot be explained or verified, from their false premise of deterministic Materialism.   It is a power of spiritual minds, derived ultimately from God, Who is Reason itself.    All the natural sciences and phenomena, including “Chance”, utterly depend upon it.  Matter is a derivative of it; and hence cannot be its source, as many atheists claim.

The Password of Creation runs down from the spiritual > moral > intellectual > affectional ( emotional) > physical (bodily, temporal). God is not confused like humans, and so univocal, either Yes / No, Go, / No Go decisions prevail everywhere. “Maybe”, is a popular delusion amongst humans.  Hence, the great challenge in life to humans, is to try to successfully find what God expects us to do, in every situation; and then with God’s guaranteed abundant help for the asking, to act accordingly, always.  Then like working an Elevator in a building, we will finally elect one of the two choices; to go up to God, or down away from Him, Who alone can meet our need for Happiness, forever.

Atheists who refuse to admit His existence, while they are alive, will get an awful shock, when they will face Him personally, as the Judge of their lifetime’s work. And it will too late then, to change their preference in lifestyle. Hence, wisdom says that we should always act as if God exists, as good Insurance on our eternal destiny!.  And we can be certain of this anyway; if only from just reflecting upon the essential, unavoidable, important place of Mathematics, in Creation, including in our personal daily lives.

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