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Editorial for issue Winter-Spring 2009

Better late than never, it is said, but with this issue of the Journal, we have at least not lost ground in our attempt to meet the promise of our publication schedule.  We already have some articles set up and others under review for a Summer-Fall 2009 issue, that we hope can be printed before Christmas.

Members of the Fellowship are looking forward to the 2010 Annual Conference Meeting of hte Canadian Chapter, to be held on Saturday, 16 October at the Loretto College Residence in oronto.  It appears to be an excellent program, which we hope will yield a number of papers that the Journal can circulate to a wider audience.

In this issue, we have included two papers presented at the 2009 Conference.  Dr. John Howarth, an Evangelical scholar, discusses similarities or "parallelisms" between early Christianity and the faith of the Jewish community at Qumran, suggested by evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Dr. Donald Graham applies the process of "scrutiny" or spiritual and intellectual self-examination to the challenges posed to Catholic scholars by contemporary culture and our place within it.

Dr. Ryan Topping examines the role of The Catechism of the Catholic Church  in efforts to renew Catholic culture and emphasizes the importance of Christological understanding in the proper orientation of that renewal.  Finally, Professor Christopher Zakrewski ffes an analysis and translation of a selection from the iconic national epic, Pan Tadeusz, by Polish poet, Adam Mickiewicz.  Again, the Journal has brought together a wide variety of stimulating essays on a range of topics reflecting the richness of Catholic culture.

More than ever, catholic and oher Christian scholars need to get to know one another and their work better, explore possibilities of collaboration and dialogue, and provide mutual intellectual and moral support in an academic culture increasingly hostile or indifferent to "faith seeking understanding".  That is certainly one of the goals of this Journal, and we hope that you will contribute to our efforts by offering some of the fruits of your scholarship to the Journal and encouragiung others, especially younger scholars, to do so.

Robert Nicholas Berard, PhD

President of the Canadian chapter of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars


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